Welcome to Boundless SDK!

Boundless SDK provides tools for easy-to-build JavaScript-based web mapping applications, by incorporating the stability of React, OpenLayers and Redux. It makes use of the JavaScript React framework to provide modular components, which can be used to create complete web mapping applications quickly and easily.

The latest version of Boundless SDK includes the following features:

  • Easily spatially enable web applications without the limitations of a specific design.
  • Specify the map state with a mapbox style-document, providing a standard format that is readily serialized. Users can now create an entire map from a single document, and apply it to an application, where, not only are the original layers and styles available, but they are included in the SDK-based components, as well.
  • Implementation of Redux for state management.
  • WFS-T support

What's new in 2.0

  • Redux and React-Redux now manage the application state.
  • Reduced components down to those that can be reused in multiple frameworks: Map, Legend, Layer List, Popup.
  • Dropped dependence on Material UI
  • OpenLayers upgraded to Version 4.3.1
  • MapBox GL Styles are now used to define the map.
  • 98%+ test coverage running through Jest and Enzyme.
  • New examples showcasing common use cases available on github